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Types of Renewable Energy

Types of Renewable Energy

The United States relies heavily on natural gas, oil and coal for its energy. The use of Fossil fuels are to environmentally damaging to retrieve and also too expensive to retrieve and are non-renewable and resources dwindle as oppose to solar energy and wind energy, which are renewable energies and can never run out as it is constantly replenished.

Renewable energy usually comes either from the sun, whether it is directly or indirectly. The sun or solar energy as it is known are used directly for lighting and heating homes and buildings, hot water heating, cooking, solar cooling, generation of electricity and other industrial and commercial uses. The heat of the sun drives wind and that energy gets captures by wind turbines. With the combination of the sun’s heat and the wind, water is evaporated. The water vapor formed then turns into snow or rain and flow into streams and rivers and this energy are captures with the use of hydroelectric power.

The sunlight, snow and rain also cause greenery to grow and the organic matter the plants consist of is called biomass. This is used to produce transportation fuels, electricity or chemicals. When biomass is used for one of the mentioned purposes it is called bioenergy. Organic compounds and water also contain Hydrogen and as we all know water is an abundant Earth element. Hydrogen however is combined with elements such as oxygen in the making of water. When hydrogen is separated from other elements, it can be converted into electricity or burned as fuel.

Some renewable energy that does not come from the sun is geothermal energy where the earth’s internal heat is tapped for the use of cooling and heating of buildings and electric power production. The ocean’s tide also produce energy with the gravitational pull of the moon and sun upon Earth.