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Exploring Renewable Energy Resources

Exploring Renewable Energy Resources

Fossil fuels, being a finite resource are running low on our planet. The consumption and thirst for gas, oil and coal have been so great since the Industrial Revolution, that they have become more and more difficult to sustain their productivity.
Therefore, other means of energy sources have to be found. The added problem with fossil fuels is that they create pollution and greenhouse gases that impact massively on global warming. Fortunately, there are safer and more environmentally friendly alternatives to burning fossil fuels. Explained here are a few of the most popular renewable energy sources that could one day replace coal, oil and gas.
Solar energy is possibly the number one contender for providing our energy once fossil fuels have run out. It has great versatility, and ultimately could be used to run entire households alone. It can generate electricity and provide central and water heating, as well as providing lighting. It is also safe and completely natural. The technology that contributes to solar power is constantly progressing. Making it cheaper is key, as is how best to store the energy when the sunshine is diminished. Solar panels are already seen on a lot of properties and this sight has been growing steadily over the years.
Another energy source is hydropower, meaning the force of water. Again, it is a natural source that is all around us and creates no direct pollution. The flow of water has been used to power machinery for hundreds of years, and with technology nowadays, it can stored in reservoirs and at dams to then generate power and electricity for large populations.
Another source is from wind energy. Like water power, wind has been used for centuries to power mills and boats. Today, wind turbines can be seen off shore or on top of hills and divide opinion on an aesthetic level. However, they deliver clean energy by using nothing but a natural resource.
These are the big three of potential renewable energy supplies when fossil fuels either run out or become too scarce and expensive to consider. There are numerous other options available. Geothermal energy is one, which relies on the heat of the earth’s interior to generate power. Others are to use the waves of the sea, the huge potential of hydrogen and also bio mass material to produce fuel and electricity.